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How To Make A Home Made Tattoo Gun

Warning: Not for use on Humans, Try tattooing some Bananas!--------->

This is the coolest thing that I have been able to make at home and use on my"BANANAS" besides a homemade Flesh Light. I think you will enjoy making your own homemade tattoo gun, do what you will with this information cause its time to get Chinese eyes!!OUCH!!

What You Will Need: (Purchased for under $10 at your local Wally-World)

  • Crest Spin-Brush pro
  • Mechanical pencil Bookmark and Share
  • 11 gauged Guitar String (Ernie Ball)
  • Light Grade Oil (The oil that comes with a beard trimmer)
  • Hook Screw
  • Needle Noses Pliers w/ Wire Cutter
  • Electrical Tape
  • Razor Blade
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Ink
  • Banana or (stupid friend)jk

Instructions: Watch the video at the bottom if you want to see how its made.

Take the toothbrush head off of the toothbrush.

Take the mechanical pencil apart keeping the head and eraser..

Slice the eraser in half with the razor blade.

Snipe a piece of guitar string with the wire cutters 2 to 3 inches long.

Take the needle nosed pliers and bend a 1/8",to a 90 degree angle

Use the hook screw to drill a hole through the eraser; remember to cut it in half.

Take the string and put it threw the hole.

Now oil the end piece of the toothbrush; put the eraser in the toothbrush tip and make sure everything fits correctly.

Now, take the top of the mechanical pencil, and slide the string threw the hole.

And tape it with electrical tape in place.

Finally, Cut the string with the wire cutters, at a 45 degree angle, and there you have it.

Now you have a Home Made Tattoo Gun!!!

Just don't go tattooing all of your friends Bananas!!